New protocol decoder: sda2506

lisigrokdecode has recently gained support for yet another protocol decoder: sda2506.

This PD decodes the Siemens SDA 2506-5 serial nonvolatile 1-Kbit EEPROM protocol.

This is a non-standard EEPROM (i.e., not one of the common I²C based 24xx series EEPROMs).

As usual there are a few example files in the sigrok-dumps repo and some test-cases in sigrok-test.

The decoder was contributed by Max Weller, thanks a lot!


Hantek 4032L support

libsigrok now supports the Hantek 4032L logic analyzer hardware.

This is a USB-based, 32-channel logic analyzer with a samplerate of up to 400MHz (150MHz bandwidth according to vendor), with 2Gbit internal memory (DDR2 RAM, 64Msamples x 32).

It supports configuring two different voltage threshold ranges for the two sets of channels (A0-A15, B0-B15), between -6V and 6V.

It also supports an external clock mode.

Teardown photos of the device are available in the sigrok wiki, as usual.

The driver was contributed by Andreas Zschunke, with various fixes and improvements by Andrej Valek, thanks a lot!



Intronix Logicport LA1034 input file format support

libsigrok now supports a new input format, the native file format used by the Intronix Logicport LA1034 logic analyzer.

These "LogicPort File" (*.lpf) files are created by the Intronix LogicPort Windows-only vendor software and you can now import them into sigrok frontends, e.g. sigrok-cli or PulseView:

  $ sigrok-cli -i foo.lpf -I logicport [...]

The code was contributed by Gerhard Sittig, thanks a lot!


New protocol decoder: ac97

Another recent addition to libsigrokdecode is a the AC'97 protocol decoder.

This one decodes the Intel Audio Codec '97 (AC'97) audio codec standard.

As usual there's a few sample files in sigrok-dumps and test-cases in the sigrok-test repository.

The protocol decoder was contributed by Gerhard Sittig, thanks a lot!


MASTECH MS8250D support

libsigrok now supports the MASTECH MS8250D multimeter.

This is a USB-based, 6600 counts digital multimeter. It's connected to the PC via a Silicon Labs CP2102 USB to serial converter.

It uses an 18-byte custom protocol, the actual measurement values basically represent the 7-segment display(s), with some additional boolean flags in the remaining bytes.

The libsigrok driver for this DMM uses the common serial-dmm infrastructure, hooking up a newly written parser for the MS8250D protocol.

This driver has been contributed by Stefan Mandl, thanks a lot!

libsigrokdecode 0.5.1 released!

We're happy to announce the release of libsigrokdecode 0.5.1. Tarballs are available from the Downloads page, as usual.

This is a "minor" release that doesn't change or remove any existing public API functions, so all existing clients will continue to work (without even the need to recompile).

The following new protocol decoders are now available:

  • ac97: Audio and modem control for PC systems
  • ds243x: Maxim DS243x series 1-Wire EEPROM protocol
  • maple_bus: Maple bus peripheral protocol for SEGA Dreamcast
  • morse: Demodulated morse code protocol
  • graycode: Accumulate rotary encoder increments, timing statistics
  • counter: Count number of edges
  • sda2506: Serial nonvolatile 1-Kbit EEPROM
  • rc_encode: PT2262/HX2262/SC5262 remote control encoder protocol

In total, we now support 85 different protocol decoders. If you're working on additional PDs, please send patches our way!

One of the more important changes to the backend is that the code has been changed to allow for multithreaded usage of the library (i.e., clients such as PulseView can now call libsigrokdecode API functions from different threads without any issues).

All protocol decoders shipped with libsigrokdecode have now been converted to the new PDv3 API that was introduced in libsigrokdecode 0.5.0. This usually means simpler and easier to understand protocol decoders as well as (quite massive, in some cases) performance improvements.

As mentioned in the 0.5.0 release notes, support for the old PD API has now been dropped, as all PDs have been converted to the PDv3 API. If you have any out-of-tree protocol decoders, please consider contributing them to mainline libsigrokdecode to benefit from such updates automatically. If that's not possible or desirable for some reasons, you can usually update your local PDs to the PDv3 API relatively easily (check the wiki page, or any of the 85 already converted PDs, for details).

See the NEWS file for a much more detailed list of changes, or browse the git history for even more details.

New protocol decoder: graycode

A new libsigrokdecode decoder that has been added a while back is graycode.

This PD allows decoding of gray code and rotary encoder protocols. Check out the source code for more details.

As usual there's a few sample files in sigrok-dumps and test-cases in the sigrok-test repository.

The decoder was contributed by Christoph Rackwitz, thanks a lot!


sigrok-firmware-fx2lafw 0.1.6 released!

We're happy to announce the sigrok-firmware-fx2lafw 0.1.6 release. This is an open-source firmware that allows you to use almost any of the popular Cypress FX2 based devices as logic analyzers. It also supports a number of FX2 based USB oscilloscopes/MSOs like the Hantek 6022BE/BL or the Sainsmart DDS120.

The source code and pre-built firmware files are available from the usual place:

This is a bugfix release (no new device support has been added), mainly fixing an issue that could cause non-working and/or prematurely aborted acquisitions with FX2 based logic analyzers on some systems (bug #655).

Additionally, FX2 based logic analyzers will now toggle pin PA1 during acquisition, and keep it high while idle. On fx2grok-tiny and fx2grok-flat devices there's a LED connected to PA1. Thus, those devices will visually indicate whether a firmware has been uploaded (LED will light up and stay like that while the device is idle). During any acquisition the LED will blink.

The NEWS file contains some more details.


New protocol decoder: morse

libsigrokdecode yet again gained support for another protocol decoder: morse.

This decodes the well-known Morse code signals (recorded via oscilloscope or logic analyzer).

Have a look at the source code and/or the example file in the sigrok-dumps repo for details.

The decoder was contributed by Christoph Rackwitz, thanks a lot!


sigrok at 34C3

If you're at this year's CCC Congress (34C3) December 27-30 in Leipzig, Germany, please feel free to drop by at the sigrok assembly.

We'll be there all 4 days of the congress (with the usual set of random test & measurement devices) for hackathons and random development discussions.

We're always happy to chat with users and contributors, hear about your feature requests and ideas for improvements etc. You can also bring your own devices, chances are we might be able to write drivers for some of the "simpler" devices right then and there, or at least grab some relevant information (photos, lsusb, possibly teardowns if you want).

Assembly location: Exhibition hall 2, c3nav (map). We have 4 seats (2 tables) near a wall.



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