More PulseView features you might have missed

Just like in the previous blog post, we would like to make you aware of features that you may not have known about yet. The first one seems kind of minor but may not be so minor to people that don't speak English - translations. Currently, only German is supported (because we're German, duh) and so we'd appreciate if you'd supply translation files for other languages that we can include. Please check for instructions on how to do that.

Next up we have some additional marker functions that were supplied by Martin Miklos. He added an auto-delta feature that shows you the time difference to all other timer markers when you hover over one:

Also, he added quick-access hotkeys for the left and right cursor boundaries which we have attached to the keys '1' and '2', respectively. This means that instead of having to re-arrange the cursor boundaries right after enabling it, you may now simply press '1' and have the left side of the cursor follow your mouse. Clicking or pressing escape puts it down. Then, you may do the same with the other side by pressing '2'. This should make using the cursor much faster.

In the spirit of efficiency, we also elimiated the need to enable the cursor altogether. Simply press '1' or '2' and the cursor will be enabled automatically with the left or right boundary following your mouse.

We appreciate his and all other contributions, so if you have something you'd like to implement, swing by our IRC channel to discuss and we'll help you make most efficient use of your skills when contributing :)