Bluetooth and BLE support in libsigrok

libsigrok recently gained support for Bluetooth Classic and BLE based devices.

The libsigrok code contains a generic API that individual drivers can use, as well as OS-specific backend implementations of that API.

Currently only a Linux backend (based on BlueZ) has been implemented, but we're happy about patches to implement backends for other OSes.

So far the following Bluetooth/BLE devices are supported:

  • EEVBlog 121GW (based on Silicon Labs BLE112), contributed by Gerhard Sittig, thanks!
  • Mooshim Engineering Mooshimeter (based on TI CC2540), contributed by Derek Hageman, thanks!
  • Some multimeters with certain Bluetooth Classic based interfaces

More devices can be added later, of course. As always, contributions are welcome!

The Bluetooth/BLE support code was contributed by Gerhard Sittig, thanks a lot!