100th supported sigrok protocol decoder: cc1101

Once again, libsigrokdecode has gained support for yet another protocol decoder. This time: cc1101.

This PD decodes the SPI-based protocol of the Texas Instruments CC1101 sub-1GHz RF transceiver chip.

As usual, there are a few sample files in our sigrok-dumps repo and a few test-cases in the sigrok-test repo (for catching regressions and such).

The decoder was contributed by Marco Geisler, thanks a lot!

Also, congratulations for contributing the 100th protocol decoder supported by libsigrokdecode!

You can checkout all 100 supported decoders (authored by roughly 50 or so unique contributors) in our wiki. There's also a huge bunch of additional decoders that are on our wishlist and/or are already work-in-progress, i.e. the work towards 200 supported decoders has already begun. Also, your contribution could help us get there faster, hint hint :)