Rohde&Schwarz HMO 1002 series

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Rohde&Schwarz HMO 1002 series
RS HMO1002.png
Status supported
Source code hameg-hmo
Channels 2 analog, 8 digital
Samplerate 1GSa/s (interleaved), 500MSA/s (non interleaved)
Analog bandwidth 50/70/100MHz (software license)
Vertical resolution 8bits (HiRes up to 16bits)
Triggers pulse width, slope, video, pattern, serial bus (optional)
Input impedance 1MΩ‖16pF 200Vp CAT I
Memory 1Mpts (mode/ch-dependent)
Display 6.5" VGA (640x480), 256 colors
Connectivity USB host/device, ethernet
Features math: + / — / x / FFT, statistics, vertical sensitivity: 1mV/div - 10V/div, 4bit 50MHz pattern generator, 50kHz function generator

The Rohde&Schwarz HMO1002 series is a 50-100MHz (software upgradable), 1GSa/s, 2 analog channel and 8 digital channel digital storage oscilloscope.

The base model can be upgraded from 50MHz to 70MHz or 100MHz with the HV572 resp HV512 option.

There are also options to decode several serial bus protocols:

  • HV110/HOO10 (S)SPI/I2C/UART, analog and/or digital channels
  • HV111/HOO11 (S)SPI/I2C/UART, analog channels only
  • HV112/HOO12 CAN/LIN decoding/triggering, analog and/or digital channels

For usage of the digital channels the HO3508 logic probe is required.


The device use same SCPI protocol as the Hameg HMO compact series (Hameg has been acquired by R&S).

The device is equipped with an 100MBit/s ethernet port as well as a USB B device connector. USB can be switched from VCP (virtual COM port) to USBTMC mode via the Setup/Parameter menu. USB VID/PID is 0x0aad:0118 resp. 0x0aad:0119.


Devices connected via USB (both VCP and USBTMC mode) are autodetected by the hameg-hmo driver, and are usable with sigrok-cli and PulseView. Devices connected via Ethernet can not be autodetected, thus connection details have to be entered manually. The IP address depends on your network and device settings, the default TCP port is 5025 (only relevant for raw TCP, VXI port is autodetected).

 $ sigrok-cli --driver=hameg-hmo:conn=/dev/ttyACM0 -O analog -C CH1 --frames 1
 $ sigrok-cli --driver=hameg-hmo:conn=usbtmc/0aad.0119 -O analog -C CH1 --frames 1
 $ sigrok-cli --driver=hameg-hmo:conn=tcp-raw/ -O analog -C CH1 --frames 1

In PulseView, in case the device is not autodetected, use "Connect to Device...", select the hameg-hmo driver and enter the connection details in the dialog. The device should show up when you press the scan button.