Hameg HO3508

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Hameg HO3508

The Hameg HO3508 is an 8-channel digital probe for Hameg MSOs. Bundles of two HO3508 items are sold under the name HO3516 for MSO models which support two pods (no other difference than packaging two items).


One HO3508 entity is referred to as a "pod". One pod has 8 digital channels.

Different HMO scope models support one or two pods, which can be used alternatively to the third or fourth analog channels. This results in combinations of either four analog channels, or three analog and eight digital channels, or two analog and 16 digital channels.

The pod connectors in HMO scopes are located to the left of the analog BNC connectors, under the screen. Their mechanical form is a 100mil IDC connector.

The HO3508 pods have buffers / level shifters, with software adjustable boundaries for high/low line levels. This allows sensing of logic levels from several chip families / technologies including voltage ranges above 5V.

Out of the pod and to the DUT go eight signal lines and several ground lines. Two ground lines are available directly at the pod. One ground line is available next to the digital signal probe of each channel. All connections are 100mil jackets, which either fit onto header pins, or into eZ-Hooks.