Hameg HMO2024

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Hameg HMO2024

The Hameg HMO2024 is a USB-/RS232-based, 4-channel oscilloscope with an analog bandwidth of 200MHz and 2GS/s sampling rate.

See Hameg HMO2024/Info for more details (such as lsusb -v output) about the device.

See Hameg HMO compact series for information common to all devices in this series.


See HO3508 for digital probes. See HO720 or HO730 for communication interfaces.




The Hameg HMO series of scopes use SCPI as the communication protocol.

USB connection on OS X

To talk to the device over USB on OS X you need to ensure the HO720 interface card of the scope enumerates as a serial port. This does not happen automatically as the device ID of the HO720 card is not registered in the list of 'known devices' of the OS X FTDI driver.

To ensure you can communicate to the device, first install the FTDI VCP driver for OS X.

Then, follow the instructions here and add the following section to the Info.plist:


Connect the cable, power on the scope, ensure the USB interface is enabled under "Setup > Interface" on the device. A new serial device will be generated and you should be able to get the device info with:

$ sigrok-cli --driver hameg-hmo:conn=/dev/cu.usbserial-xxxxyyyy --scan