ATORCH DL24MP-150W Purple

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ATORCH DL24MP-150W Purple
ATORCH DL24MP-150W Purple Picture.jpg
Status supported
Source code atorch
Channels 1
Voltage/current (CH1) 150W / 0.2-25A / 2-200V
Connectivity serial over Bluetooth, BLE
Features modular DC electronic load

The ATORCH DL24MP-150W Purple is a modular DC electronic load kit with serial connectivity over USB.


The base kit contains a control panel, featuring a color display and 4 buttons, and a master power module, rated for 0.2~25A, 0~200V, max 150W.

Slave modules can be connected, each increasing the maximum power by 150W.

Each power module is cooled by a 8cm fan blowing air through 4 smalls heatsinks ( one per power mosfet )

Operation requires a 12V power supply ( 1A for the base kit, increasing with each add slave module ).

If offers 7 modes of operation :

  • CC : Constant Current
  • CV : Constant Voltage
  • CR : Constant Resistance
  • CP : Constant Power
  • BRT : Determines the ESR of a battery
  • PT : Determines the maximum power provided by a power supply
  • CT : Determines the resistance of the wiring ?


  • Power MOSFET x4: International Rectifier IRFP264N
  • MCU : HC32L170
  • Bluetooth IC : Unidentified ( SOIC8, marking BP0Kxxx-28A2)
  • Power meter IC x2 : HLW8110. Looks like the 2nd one might be used just as an ADC for the 2 temperature sensors.

The control panel PCB has an unpopulated socket that can be used to connect a rotary encoder and a push button, providing more practical controls.


The device communicates through serial-over-Bluetooth (RFCOMM), appearing under the DL24M_SPP name, and BLE, under the DL24M_BLE name. The same protocol is used both on the BLE and Bluetooth link.


The following measurements are available through that protocol :

  • Actual voltage
  • Actual current
  • Actual capacity ( in mAh, for battery capacity measurement )
  • Actual energy (in Wh)
  • External sensor temperature.