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The ATORCH J7-c is a USB load meter which can measure various properties for USB devices including their voltage, current, power, resistance, capacity, temperature, data line voltage, and charging mode. Communicates to the host by means of serial over bluetooth.

ATORCH J7-c.jpg
Status supported
Source code atorch
Connectivity serial over Bluetooth, BLE
Measurements voltage, current, power, energy, voltage over USB data lines
Features measures USB devices; color display


It features the following connectors :

  • USB-A male ( USB 2.0 only )
  • USB-A female ( USB 2.0 only)
  • USB-C male
  • USB-C female
  • USB-microB female

A CH573F MCU is responsible for performing all the measurements and managing the user interface.

A small SOIC-8 IC (marking BP0D608-68A2) handles the Bluetooth communication (both RFCOMM and BLE). Might be AC6328B


Example use

 $ sigrok-cli -d atorch:conn=COM5 --continuous
 $ sigrok-cli -d atorch:conn=bt/ac6328/12-34-56-78-9a-bc --show


The device communicates through serial-over-Bluetooth (RFCOMM), appearing under the UC96_SPP name, and BLE, under the UC96_BLE name. The same protocol is used both on the BLE and Bluetooth link.

The manufacturer provides an app named "E_Test" for Android and iOS, but no protocol documentation, although it appears that the protocol has been fully reverse-engineered [1].

The RFCOMM transport uses channel number 2. The BLE transport can be made to work using the following parameters : handle_rx = 0x000C, handle_tx = 0x000F, handle_cccd = 0x000D, value_cccd = 0x0001