Saleae Logic Pro 8

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Saleae Logic Pro 8
Saleae logic pro 8-bottom.png
Status planned
Source code saleae-logic-pro
Channels 8
Samplerate 500/100MHz (4ch/8ch)
Samplerate (state)
Triggers none (SW-only)
Min/max voltage -25 — 25V tolerant
Threshold voltage 1.2V to 12V digital, -10 to 10V analog
Memory none
Compression yes
Price range $619

The Saleae Logic Pro 8 is a USB 3.0-based, 8-channel logic analyzer with 500/100MHz sampling rate (at 4/8 enabled channels) and analog sampling support on all 8 channels.

It is part of the second-generation Saleae Logic series, which consists of the Logic 4, Logic 8, Logic Pro 8 and Logic Pro 16. See Saleae Logic and Saleae Logic8 for the predecessor products.

The case requires a Torx TX6 screwdriver to open.

See Saleae Logic Pro 8/Info for more details (such as lsusb -v output) about the device.

Note: Saleae Logic Pro 8 support in sigrok should be considered experimental for now. Only the logic analyzer parts are currently implemented (analog sampling is not).




You can use the sigrok-fwextract-saleae-logic16 (sic!) tool to extract (from the "Logic" Linux binary; tested with the Saleae 1.2.10 software) the FX3 firmware and the FPGA bitstreams required for using the Saleae Logic Pro 16:

$ sigrok-fwextract-saleae-logic16 Logic
saved 5217 bytes to saleae-logic16-fx2.fw
saved 149516 bytes to saleae-logic16-fpga-18.bitstream
saved 149516 bytes to saleae-logic16-fpga-33.bitstream
saved 178702 bytes from 46 blobs to saleae-logicpro16-fx3.fw
saved 178702 bytes from 46 blobs to saleae-logicpro8-fx3.fw
saved 465028 bytes to saleae-logicpro16-fpga.bitstream
saved 341160 bytes to saleae-logicpro8-fpga.bitstream

Copy these files to the directory where your libsigrok installation expects them (usually /usr/local/share/sigrok-firmware) and they will be found and used automatically by the libsigrok saleae-logic-pro driver.

Note that sigrok-util (commit 20e302a2) only works Saleae Logic software up to 1.2.10 !