Saleae Logic8

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Saleae Logic8
Saleae Logic8 case bottom.jpg
Status planned
Channels 3/6/7/8
Samplerate 100/50/40/25
Samplerate (state)
Triggers none (SW-only)
Min/max voltage 1.8V — 5.5V
Threshold voltage VIH=1.2V, VIL=0.6V
Memory ?
Compression yes
Price range $349

The Saleae Logic8 is a USB-based, 8-channel logic analyzer with 100/50/40/25MHz sampling rate (at 3/6/7/8 enabled channels).

The case requires a Torx T7 screwdriver to open.

See Saleae Logic8/Info for more details (such as lsusb -v output) about the device.


These are provisional guesses, please correct if you spot errors, they are surely there.