SUMP compatibles

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SUMP compatibles
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Status supported
Source code openbench-logic-sniffer
Channels ?
Samplerate ?
Samplerate (state) ?
Triggers ?
Min/max voltage ?
Memory ?
Compression ?

The SUMP protocol is a means to acquire logic data and download the samples from the acquisition device to the host. Physical transports can be UART or USB (stream of bytes over a serial connection). Several acquisition devices implement the SUMP protocol, and there are several host side SUMP clients. Up to 32 channels are supported, and sample rates in the 60MHz range were seen. The acquisition data goes to local sample memory before transmission to the host after the acquisition is complete (non-streaming operation).

See the documentation for details.

SUMP compatible devices

Here is a list of devices which the sigrok project is aware of.


AGLA is an Arduino sketch which implements the SUMP protocol. The software supports ATmega168, ATmega328, and ATmega2560 MCUs. Channel count is 5 (or is it 6?). Samplerates are 4MHz or below (depending on the MCU). Sample memory depth is 532 to 7168 (depending on the MCU), compression is not supported. Triggers may be supported at lower rates.

There are a lot of details in the Arduino page though much of it feels out of place for the sigrok project.


The JTAGulator supports a Logic Analyzer mode which implements the SUMP protocol and thus transparently is covered by the sigrok ols driver. This LA mode gets enabled/disabled manually, then is persisted in the device across power cycles.

Channel count is 24, sample rate is 1.2MSa/s, memory depth is 1024Sa. Low/high level triggers are supported. Target voltage levels are adjustable.

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