Saanlima Pipistrello OLS

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Saanlima Pipistrello OLS
Saanlima Pipistrello-OLS.png
Status supported
Source code pipistrello-ols
Channels 32
Samplerate 0-100MHz
Samplerate (state)
Triggers value, rising/falling edge
Min/max voltage 0V — 5V
Memory 64MiB
Compression yes

The Saanlima Pipistrello is an FPGA development board with many on-board peripherals and pin headers compatible with the Papilio series of boards. It has USB connectivity to a host PC, and, by adding the Saanlima buffer wing, can be used as a replacement for the Openbench Logic Sniffer (OLS).

The FPGA firmware for the OLS has been ported for the Pipistrello, and can thus use the full 64MiB memory to store samples. It also has triggers on rising/falling edges as an extra feature.

All design source for the Pipistrello, including schematics and Eagle board files, are available under the CC-BY-SA 4.0 license.

See Saanlima Pipistrello OLS/Info for more details (such as lsusb -v output) about the device.


Pipistrello 2.0 board

Buffer wing


The protocol used is the same as the OLS protocol, with the addition of commands for edge triggers. See the source code for details.

The Pipistrello needs to be manually flashed with a FPGA bitstream to work with sigrok. These bitstreams can be downloaded from the Pipistrello wiki and the source code is available (see bug #1021 about possible automation for for this).

Important: The Pipistrello OLS driver only supports using the FIFO mode bitstream and the FTDI chip has been switched to FIFO mode. If using the UART mode bitstream, use the Openbench Logic Sniffer driver instead (see bug #1020 about automated detection for this).