Voltcraft VC-950

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Voltcraft VC-950
Voltcraft VC-950 - 01 - Front.png
Status in progress
Source code appa-dmm
Counts 100000/10000
IEC 61010-1 CAT III (1000V) / CAT IV (600V)
Connectivity Infrared (USB/RS232)
Measurements voltage, frequency, period, duty cycle, resistance, continuity, diode, capacitance, current, temperature
Features autorange, data hold, auto hold, peak hold, min/max/avg, relative (%/delta), level (dB/dBm), automatic backlight, true-rms, data logging, auto store, auto-v, ac+dc, VFD, secondary display value
Website conrad.com

The Voltcraft VC-950 is a 100000/10000 counts, CAT IV (600V) / CAT III (1000V) dual display handheld digital multimeter with Serial/USB connectivity.

It is based on the APPA 505, See also: APPA Multimeters.

The driver supporting these APPA-based devices ("appa-dmm" in sigrok) has been created and will be included in mainline sigrok once it passes acception (see developement repository github.com/Cymaphore/libsigrok branch appa-dmm).


  • Fuses:
    • Current range 10A: Amp rating: 11A, Voltage rating: 1kV, Interrupting rating: 20kA, Opening: Fast acting, Size: 10mm x 38mm
    • Current range 400mA: Amp rating: 0.44A, Voltage rating: 1kV, Interrupting rating: 10kA, Opening: Fast acting, Size: 10mm x 34.9mm
  • Power supply: 4 x IEC LR6 1.5V (works fine with IEC HR6 1.2V)

Photos and Teardown