Siglent SPD3303 series

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Siglent SPD3303 series
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Status in progress
Source code scpi-pps
Channels 3
Voltage/current (CH1) 0-32V / 0-3.2A
Voltage/current (CH2) 0-32V / 0-3.2A
Voltage/current (CH3) 2.5/3.3/5.0V / 3.2A
Connectivity USBTMC, LAN

The Siglent SPD3303 is a series of 3-output programmable power supplies with USBTMC and LAN connectivity.

3rd channel on these power supplies is not programmable (voltage can be manually selecte using selector switch and current limit is not adjustable).

Model Power Resolution
SPD3303C 220W 10mV
SPD3303X-E 220W 10mV
SPD3303X 220W 1mV



See Siglent SPD3303C/Info for lsusb output.