Saleae Logic4

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Saleae Logic4
Saleae Logic4 case bottom.jpg
Status unsupported
Channels 4
Samplerate 12
Samplerate (state)
Triggers none (SW-only)
Min/max voltage -25 — 25V tolerant
Threshold voltage VIH=2.0V, VIL=0.8V
Memory ?
Compression ?
Price range $108

The Saleae Logic4 is a USB-based, 4-channel logic analyzer with 12MHz sampling rate.

The case requires a Torx T6 screwdriver to open.

See Saleae Logic4/Info for more details (such as lsusb -v output) about the device.


  • USB interface chip: Cypress CY7C66013A-56LTXC (datasheet)
  • ADC: TI ADC1173CIMTC (datasheet)
  • Unknown function: 3AND / F26A (LM7705?)
  • Unknown function: H1W (RP130N301B regulator?)
  • Unknown function: SCI (TLV70022DDCR regulator?)
  • Unknown function: 23P (AU2401P4-3 TVS diode?)
  • Unknown function: C1T / S61 / 42 (CAT24C02 EEPROM?)
  • Unknown function: C / 3K / AJ
  • Unknown function: AHC573 / L2L3R401 / UnD314B (TI AHC573 latch?)
  • This list not yet complete