Owon P4000 series

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Owon P4603, P4305
Owon P4603.JPG
Status supported
Source code scpi-pps
Channels 1
Voltage/current (CH1) various
Connectivity RS232
Features programmable presets, over voltage protection, over current protection, output on/off
Website owon.com.hk

The Owon P4000 series are 1 channel linear power supplies with RS232 connectivity.

The devices are also sold rebranded by Element14 Multicomp as MP710087.

Device OEM/Rebranded Voltage range Current range Power
Owon P4305 MP710086 0-30 V 0-5 A 150 W
Owon P4603 MP710087 0-60 V 0-3 A 180 W


The protocol is SCPI over RS232. Manual available here.

Request Example output Remarks
*IDN? OWON,P4603,2037363,FV:V1.6.0 Get identification number
*RST Reset to factory defaults
MEAS:VOLT? 0.000 Returns voltage present on output, 0.000 if output is turned off.
MEAS:CURR? 0.000 Returns current on output.
MEAS:POW? 0.000 Returns power in watts measured on output.
OUTP? 0 or 1 Query whether output is on.
OUTP 0/1 Turn output on/off
CURR? 1.000 Returns the current limit setting.
CURR 1.000 Sets the current limit
CURR:LIM? 1.000 Returns the overcurrent protection setting.
CURR:LIM 1.0 Sets the overcurrent protection setting.
VOLT? 1.000 Returns the voltage setting.
VOLT 1.000 Sets the output voltage
VOLT:LIM? 1.000 Returns the overvoltage protection setting.
VOLT:LIM 1.0 Sets the overvoltage protection setting.


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