Manson HCS-3xxx series

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Manson HCS-3xxx series
Manson hcs3202.png
Status supported
Source code manson-hcs-3xxx
Channels 1
Voltage/current (CH1) various
Connectivity USB/serial
Features programmable presets, cycling functionality

The Manson HCS-3xxx series are 1 channel switch-mode programmable power supplies with USB/serial connectivity.


Manson Conrad OEM Peaktech OEM Voltage range Current range Power Comments
HCS-3100 PPS-11810 1-18 V 0-10 A 180 W
HCS-3102 PPS-11360 1-36 V 0-5 A 180 W
HCS-3104 PPS-11603 1-60 V 0-2.5 A 150 W
HCS-3150 - 1-18 V 0-15 A 270 W
HCS-3200 PPS-13610 1-18 V 0-20 A 360 W
HCS-3202 PPS-16005 1-36 V 0-10 A 360 W
HCS-3204 PPS-11815 1-60 V 0-5 A 300 W
HCS-3300-USB - - 1-16 V 0-30 A 480 W
HCS-3302-USB DPPS-32-15 - 1-32 V 0-15 A 480 W
HCS-3304-USB - - 1-60 V 0-8 A 480 W
HCS-3400-USB - PeakTech 1565 1-16 V 0-40 A 600 W
HCS-3402-USB - PeakTech 1575 1-32 V 0-20 A 600 W?
HCS-3404-USB - - 1-60 V 0-10 A 600 W
HCS-3600-USB - PeakTech 1580 1-16 V 0-60 A 750 W
HCS-3602-USB - PeakTech 1580 1-30 V 0-30 A 900 W
HCS-3604-USB - - 1-60 V 0-15 A 900 W

The voltage and current specs are rounded values from the manufacturer's specs. The devices might allow slightly higher values for voltage and current. The exact values read from the devices are available by listing the config keys SR_CONF_VOLTAGE_TARGET and SR_CONF_CURRENT_LIMIT.

The devices linked above are supported. The other devices might work, but are untested. If you have one of the unsupported devices and can test it, please contact us on or on the mailing list.

Some other device series by the same manufacturer exist that use a different communication protocol.

Config keys

Function Target Parameters Comments
SR_CONF_ENABLED Device Boolean on/off Get: Query output status. Set: Switch output on or off. Power-on default is on.
SR_CONF_VOLTAGE Device Double Get: Query output voltage. Updated only if sampling is active!
SR_CONF_VOLTAGE_TARGET Device Double List: Get 3-tuple (min, max, step) for output voltage range. Get: Get output voltage limit. Set: Set output voltage limit.
SR_CONF_CURRENT Device Double Get: Query output current. Updated only if sampling is active!
SR_CONF_CURRENT_LIMIT Device Double List: Get 3-tuple (min, max, step) for output current range. Get: Get output current limit. Set: Set output current limit.

See also Programmable power supply!


The devices use an ASCII-based protocol over a USB-to-serial link.

All commands and replies end with a carriage return (\r) character.

Some versions of the protocol description in manuals are incomplete or even erroneous.

Command Reply Description Comments
GMOD\r 3204\rOK\r Query model Four-digit model code, e.g. 3202 for the HCS-3202. Some models also use model codes like HCS-3302.
GETD\r VVVVCCCCS\rOK\r Query displayed voltage, current and mode. Four-digit voltage, e.g. 12.34; four-digit current, e.g. 12.34; status 0=constant voltage, 1=constant current.
SOUTn\r OK\r Disable output Output on=0 (power-on default), off=1
SESS\r OK\r Disable keyboard Seems to time out after about 5 seconds.
ENDS\r OK\r Enable keyboard When disabled with SESS.
VOLTnnn\r OK\r Set voltage to nn.n.
CURRnnn\r OK\r Set current to nn.n or n.nn (model-dependent!).