Korad KA3005P

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Korad KA3005P
Korad ka3005p mugshot.png
Status supported
Source code korad-kaxxxxp
Channels 1
Voltage/current (CH1) 0-30V / 0-5A
Connectivity USB/serial, RS232
Features programmable presets, over voltage protection, over current protection, output on/off
Website koradtechnology.com

The Korad KA3005P is a 1-channel programmable power supply (0-30V/0-5A) with both USB/serial and RS232 connectivity.

See Korad KA3005P/Info for more details (such as lsusb -v output) about the device.

See Korad KAxxxxP series for information common to all devices in this series.




See Korad KAxxxxP series#Protocol for the protocol details.