ITECH IT8500 series

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ITECH IT8500 Series
Itech It8511plus frontpanel.png
Status supported
Source code itech-it8500
Channels 1
Voltage/current (CH1) various
Connectivity TTL (Serial)
Features DC electronic load only

The ITECH IT8500 series are 1 channel programmable DC electronic loads with serial (TTL) connectivity.

ITECH is the OEM manufacturer for BK Precision 8500 series DC electronic loads. Only difference between ITECH and BK Precisions models appear to be cosmetic.


ITECH BK Precision Max Current Max Voltage Max Power Comments
IT8511+ 30 A 120 V 150 W
IT8511A+ 30 A 150 V 150 W
IT8512+ 8500 30 A 120 V 300 W
IT8512A+ 30 A 150 V 300 W
IR8512B+ 8502 15 A 500 V 300 W
IT8512C+ 60 A 120 V 300 W
IT8512H+ 5 A 800 V 300 W
IT8513C+ 8510 120 A 120 V 600 W
IT8514C+ 8514 240 A 120 V 1200 W

The devices linked above are supported. The other devices might work, but are untested. If you have one of the unsupported devices and can test it, please contact User:Tjko.