Hantek iDSO1070A

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Hantek iDSO1070A
Status planned
Channels 2
Samplerate 250MS/s (125 for 2 channels)
Analog bandwidth 70MHz
Vertical resolution 8bit
Triggers CH1, CH2, EXT (all hardware)
Input impedance 1MΩ‖25pF
Memory ?
Display none
Connectivity USB / WiFi
Website hantek.com

The Hantek iDSO1070A is a USB/WiFi-based, 2-channel oscilloscope with an analog bandwidth of 70MHz and 250MS/s sampling rate.


  • Main oscillator: 50MHz 50.000 YX FH



  • Has been found cross channel interference. To observe this just connect Channel 1 to 5V DC and it is possible to see the shift of Channel 2 zero offset.


Reverse engineered implementation of the protocol