Envox EEZ H24005

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Envox EEZ H24005
Envox eez h24005 front panel.jpg
Status supported
Source code scpi-pps
Channels 2
Connectivity SCPI over USB serial or TCP
Features values, output, over-(voltage,current,power) thresholds.
Website www.envox.eu

The Envox EEZ H24005 is an open hardware and open source firmware bench DC power supply with two channels and a remote control interface based on SCPI 1999.0.

EEZ H24005 is no longer under active development and the official kits are no longer available for puchase; its successor is the EEZ Bench Box 3. (The hardware designs are still available if you want to build one yourself from raw parts.)


Due to being an open hardware design, there is comprehensive documentation of all of the hardware on the project website, including a Technology overview.

The system is designed to be modular, so it can in principle have different power supply implementations and other custom modifications. A driver for this device should thus ideally be implemented in a dynamic way that can, as far as possible, respond to a particular system's different capabilities.


The EEZ H24005 has a SCPI-based protocol available either over USB Serial or over TCP/IP on the device's Ethernet port. The project website has a comprehensive guide to the SCPI implementation.

The SCPI self-identification strings (from *IDN?) changed in firmware v1.02:

  • Before v1.02: EEZ,PSU 2/40/5 followed by the platform name
  • v1.02 and later: Envox,EEZ H24005 followed by the platform name

Only the newer form is shown in the documentation.

There is an online simulator which allows exercising both the touch user interface and the SCPI port. The simulator is an emscripten build of a variant of the real system firmware, so its behavior is pretty realistic aside from (of course) having just a software model of the power supply module behavior.

Sigrok Support

The sigrok scpi-pps driver supports the EEZ H24005, User:Apparentlymart provided the implementation.

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