Dcttech usbrelay

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dcttech.com USBRelay<n>
Dcttech usbrelay mugshot.png
Status supported
Source code dcttech-usbrelay
Channels up to 8
Ratings 10A 250VAC / 10A 30VDC
Connectivity USB HID

The dcttech.com USBRelay<n> is a USB relay card with up to 8 relays (models with 1, 2, 4, or 8 relays exist). The firmware is based on V-USB and presents itself as USB HID to the PC (so that no driver installation is required on Windows).

See Info for USB details.


Example use

Detect the device and display its properties.

 $ sigrok-cli -d dcttech-usbrelay --scan
 The following devices were found:
 dcttech-usbrelay:conn=/dev/hidraw2 - www.dcttech.com USBRelay4 [S/N: 12345]
 $ sigrok-cli -d dcttech-usbrelay --show
 Driver functions:
 Scan options:
 dcttech-usbrelay:conn=/dev/hidraw2 - www.dcttech.com USBRelay4 [S/N: 12345]
 Channel groups:
     R1: channel
     R2: channel
     R3: channel
     R4: channel
 Supported configuration options across all channel groups:
     conn: /dev/hidraw2 (current)
     enabled: on, off

Display the relay state.

 $ sigrok-cli -d dcttech-usbrelay --get channel_group=R1:enabled --get channel_group=R2:enabled --get channel_group=R3:enabled --get channel_group=R4:enabled

Manipulate the state of relays.

 $ sigrok-cli -d dcttech-usbrelay --config channel_group=R1:enabled=off --config channel_group=R2:enabled=on --set


  • V-USB project page, software bitbanging USB for AVR controllers that don't have native USB hardware support
  • product description and source code repo of a private project that is not related to the vendor, implements OpenSource libraries and CLI and GUI applications to control these cards