BayLibre ACME

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BayLibre ACME
Status supported
Source code baylibre-acme
Connectivity BeagleBone Black expansion connector, I²C
Measurements energy, power, current, temperature

The BayLibre ACME is an extension (cape) for the BeagleBone Black, designed to provide multi-channel power and temperature measurements capabilities.

It comes with power and temperature probes, turning it into an advanced all-in-one power/temperature measurement solution.




ACME probes are connected to I²C bus #1 of the BeagleBone Black via the ACME cape.

The components used to do actual measurements (INA226 & TMP435) are supported in mainline Linux. The drivers expose a standard interface via the Linux sysfs pseudo file system.

The ACME driver for libsigrok uses said interface to acquire measurement samples and control the cape (change shunt resistance configuration, power-off measured devices etc.).