Agilent E363xA series

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Agilent E363xA series
Status planned
Source code scpi-pps
Connectivity GPIB, RS232

The Agilent E3631A is a 3-output programmable power supply:

Channel Voltage Current
1 0-6V 0-5A
2 0-25V 0-1A
3 0- -25V 0-1A

The Agilent E3632A, E3633A and E3634A are single-channel dual-range programmable power supplies:

Range 1 Range 2
Model Voltage Current Voltage Current Power
E3632A 15V 7A 30V 4A 120W
E3633A 8V 20A 20V 10A 200W
E3634A 25V 7A 50V 4A 200W