Agilent 34410A

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Agilent 34410A
Status supported
Source code scpi-dmm
Counts 10000
IEC 61010-1 CAT II (300V)
Connectivity LAN LXI class C, USB TMC, GPIB
Measurements voltage, current, resistance, capacitance, diode, frequency, period, continuity, temperature
Features autorange, true RMS, data hold, min/max/avg/sdev, relative, four-wire resistance, front/rear terminals, external trigger
Website [1]

The 34410A is a replacement for the HP/Agilent/Keysight 34401A with higher performance but retaining a compatible protocol. It's a benchtop multimeter with LAN/USB/GPIB as standard.

It was discontinued on 2016-12-01 and is now replaced by the Keysight_34465A.

Example use

Scan for connected devices:

 $ sigrok-cli -d scpi-dmm --scan

If other supported models, multiple devices of the same type are connected, or for Ethernet connections:

 $ sigrok-cli -d scpi-dmm:conn=0957.0607 --scan
 $ sigrok-cli -d scpi-dmm:conn=3.15 --scan
 $ sigrok-cli -d scpi-dmm:conn=tcp-raw/ --scan

See Connection parameters for more details.

Check the capabilities of the meter's driver, and current state of settings:

 $ sigrok-cli -d scpi-dmm --show

Get or set the meter's current function:

 $ sigrok-cli -d scpi-dmm --get measured_quantity
 $ sigrok-cli -d scpi-dmm -c measured_quantity=voltage/dc --set

Acquire measurement data, in the current mode or in another specified mode:

 $ sigrok-cli -d scpi-dmm --continuous
 $ sigrok-cli -d scpi-dmm --time 10s
 $ sigrok-cli -d scpi-dmm --samples 10 -c measured_quantity=current/dc