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Armfly ax pro.png
Status supported
Source code fx2lafw
Channels 8 + 1
Samplerate 8ch @ 24MHz, 8+1ch @ 12MHz
Samplerate (state)
Triggers none (SW-only)
Min/max voltage Digital: 0V — +5V
Analog: ±10V (±20V max)
Threshold voltage Fixed: VIH=1.4V, VIL=0.8V
Memory none
Compression none
Price range $35-45

The ARMFLY AX-Pro is a USB-based, 8-channel logic analyzer with up to 24MHz sampling rate, with 1 additional analog channel (theoretically 2, but only one of them can be used at a time; 3MHz analog bandwidth). Has been proven to be possible to work at 24MS/s also for the Analog channel even if the ADC max sample rate is 20MS/s (see resources).

It is a clone of the CWAV USBee AX-Pro. There is an "RS232 RS485 RS422 CAN converter" add-on board which also has a BNC connector for analog support.

In sigrok, we use the open-source fx2lafw firmware for this logic analyzer.

Note: fx2lafw currently doesn't support switching between the two possible analog channels, ACH1 will be used unconditionally.

See ARMFLY AX-Pro/Info for some more details (such as lsusb -v output) on the device.


  • Main chip: Cypress CY7C68013A-56LTXC (FX2LP)
  • I2C EEPROM: Atmel ATML920 24C02N SU27 D
  • Low-dropout voltage regulator: Advanced Monolithic Systems AMS1117-3.3
  • Crystal: 24MHz
  • ADC: Texas Instrument TLC5510IPW, 8-Bit, 20 MS/s ADC Single Channel
  • OpAmp: Texas Instrument LMV358 Dual Low-Voltage Rail-to-Rail Output Operational Amplifier
  • OpAmp: Analog Devices AD8065 (SMD marking "HRA")
  • Multiplexor: (I do not see it. Is it U5?)
  • Edge-Triggered D-Type Flip-Flops"": HC574 (U15)
  • ...



Since we use the open-source fx2lafw firmware for this device, we don't need to know the protocol.

Hardware configuration (V.5)

  • PA0 -> Select the Analog Source (Channel 1 or 2)
  • PA1-7 are not connected
  • CTL0 -> not connected
  • CTL1 (connected with RDY1) -> CLK Pin (external)
  • CTL2 -> provide the clock to the ADC
  • PORTB -> Digital Data (8 pins, external)
  • PORTD -> ADC Data