APPA 300 Series

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APPA 300 Series
APPA 301, 303, 305
Status in progress
Source code appa-dmm
Connectivity Optical RS232, USB
Measurements voltage, current, frequency, duty cycle, resistance, continuity, diode, capacitance, temperature
Features autorange, data hold, min/max/avg, backlight, true-rms, peak hold, auto hold, secondary reading (depending on model)

The APPA 300 Series are a series of handheld multimeters with Optical RS232 (later USB) connectivity.

WARNING: The sigrok driver is implemented but untested and therefore marked "experimental"! If you have the device, please share your experience and report bugs.

Known compatible devices are the ISO-TEC IDM30x. It is assumed that the 207 is a desktop variant of the 303 and should be supported by the driver as well.

For more information on the sigrok-integration see: APPA Multimeters in sigrok using the appa-dmm driver

Model Compatible devices Optical RS232/USB Bluetooth LE Support level Comments
APPA 301 ISO-TECH IDM301 X implemented, untested EXPERIMENTAL!
APPA 303 ISO-TECH IDM303 X implemented, untested EXPERIMENTAL!
APPA 305 ISO-TECH IDM305 X implemented, untested EXPERIMENTAL!