APPA 200 Series

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APPA 200 Series
APPA 207, 208, 208B
Status in progress
Source code appa-dmm
Counts 40000
IEC 61010-1 CAT IV (600V) / CAT III (1000V)
Connectivity optical RS232/USB, Bluetooth LE
Measurements voltage, current, frequency, duty cycle, resistance, continuity, conductance, diode, capacitance, temperature
Features autorange, data hold, min/max/avg, crest, backlight, true-rms, dBm, dB, peak hold

The APPA 200 Series are 40.000 counts, CAT III (1000V) / CAT IV (600V) bench versameters with optical RS232/USB and Bluetooth LE connectivity (208B).

By the datasheet and feature list it seems to be a bench version of the APPA 506 handheld meters. Extra features of the 208 compared to the 506: AC 100-240V power supply (but it can still run on batteries), higher frequency measurement range at higher precision (4 MHz), duty cycle measurement and an extra button for display light instead of the automatic light sensor of the 506.

For more information on the sigrok-integration see: APPA Multimeters in sigrok using the appa-dmm driver

Model Compatible devices Optical RS232/USB Bluetooth LE Support level Comments
APPA 207 ISO-TECH IDM207 X implemented, untested EXPERIMENTAL!
APPA 208 X implemented, untested
BENNING CM 208B X X implemented, untested

USB cable of APPA 200 Series based meters: APPA IC-300U