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fx2lafw 0.1.0 released!

We're happy to announce the initial release of the open-source fx2lafw firmware for FX2-based logic analyzers.

See the "About fx2lafw" blog post for more information about the fx2lafw subproject.

This firmware must be used with libsigrok >= 0.1.1. Previous versions of libsigrok did not yet have support for fx2lafw.

The code was tested to build fine on Linux, Windows (using MinGW), and FreeBSD, using both sdcc 2.9.x and the newer sdcc 3.x.y (which contains various API changes that need to be handled properly in fx2lafw).

You can get the firmware source code tarball from SourceForge. Alternatively, you can also download pre-built firmware files, if you don't want to build them from the source code yourself.

This firmware package should hopefully also be available in your favorite distribution soon, a Debian package is already in the works (which will usually be automatically installed when you do "apt-get install sigrok" or even just "apt-get install libsigrok0").

This release supports 8-bit and 16-bit digital sampling (i.e., logic analyzer usage) on the Saleae Logic, CWAV USBee SX, Braintechnology USB-LPS, and many, many other devices. Support for analog signal acquisition (on those devices which have hardware support for that) is in the works, but not yet available in this release.

See the fx2lafw wiki page for the full list of currently supported and/or tested devices — and some devices we assume would work, but which have not yet been tested; test reports are always welcome!).



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