YiXingDianZi MDSO

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YiXingDianZi MDSO
Status supported
Source code hantek-6xxx
Channels 2
Samplerate 48MHz
Analog bandwidth 20MHz
Vertical resolution 8bit
Triggers none (SW-only)
Input impedance 1MΩ‖25pF
Memory none
Display none
Connectivity USB

The YiXingDianZi MDSO (also known as Wosontel MDSO) is a USB-based, 2-channel oscilloscope with an analog bandwidth of 20MS/s and 48MS/s sampling rate.

It comes in very compact plastic case (82x65x23mm) without any branding, USB type B input, 2c BNC inputs, and a red LED.

The YiXingDianZi manufacturer is probably the same as Instrustar (Chinese characters match, lsusb is almost exactly the same).

See YiXingDianZi MDSO/Info for more details (such as lsusb -v output) on the device.


  • Cypress FX2LP CY7C68013A-56PVXC (USB 2.0 HS controller)
  • ADC: Analog Devices AD9288
  • EEPROM: Microchip 24LC64I (64K I²C EEPROM)
  • 2x ST 74HC4051 (8-Channel analog mux)
  • Crystal oscillator 24MHz (crystal)
  • 4x 145 MHz FastFET op amp: Analog Devices AD8065 (top markings HRA)
  • Unmarked DC/DC converter
  • 3.3V LDO: AMS1117-3.3

Cypress FX2 pinout:

(AD9288 D5B) PD5 1-   O -56 PD4 (AD9288 D4B)
(AD9288 D6B) PD6 2- -55 PD3 (AD9288 D3B)
(AD9288 D7B) PD7 3- -54 PD2 (AD9288 D2B)
GND 4- -53 PD1 (AD9288 D1B)
CLKOUT 5- -52 PD0 (AD9288 D0B)
VCC 6- -51 *WAKEUP
GND 7- -50 VCC
RDY0/*SLRD 8- -49 RESET#
RDY1/*SLWR 9- -48 GND
AVCC 10- -47 PA7
(24MHz crystal) XTALOUT 11- -46 PA6 (CH2 74HC4051 S2)
(24MHz crystal) XTALIN 12- -45 PA5 (CH2 74HC4051 S1)
AGND 13- -44 PA4 (CH2 74HC4051 S0)
AVCC 14- -43 PA3 (CH1 74HC4051 S2)
(USB D+) DPLUS 15- -42 PA2 (CH1 74HC4051 S1)
(USB D-) DMINUS 16- -41 PA1 (CH1 74HC4051 S0)
AGND 17- -40 PA0
VCC 18- -39 VCC
GND 19- -38 CTL2
(FX2 CTL0) (AD9288 ENCA/B) *IFCLK 20- -37 CTL1
VCC 24- -33 GND
(AD9288 D0A) PB0 25- -32 PB7 (AD9288 D7A)
(AD9288 D1A) PB1 26- -31 PB6 (AD9288 D6A)
(AD9288 D2A) PB2 27- -30 PB5 (AD9288 D5A)
(AD9288 D3A) PB3 28- -29 PB4 (AD9288 D4A)

ST 74HC4051 (upper/lower, CH1/CH2) pinout:

CH1 (U13)CH2 (U10)
Y4 1-   O -16 VCC
Y6 2- -15 Y2 (AD8065 out)
(AD8065 -in, via 1k to GND) Z 3- -14 Y1 (AD8065 out via 1k)
Y7 4- -13 Y0 (AD8065 out via 3.9k)
Y5 5- -12 Y3 (AD8065 out via 15k)
(GND) E# 6- -11 S0 (FX2 PA1)
VEE 7- -10 S1 (FX2 PA2)
GND 8- -9 S2 (FX2 PA3)
Y4 1-   O -16 VCC
Y6 2- -15 Y2 (AD8065 out)
(AD8065 -in, via 1k to GND) Z 3- -14 Y1 (AD8065 out via 1k)
Y7 4- -13 Y0 (AD8065 out via 3.9k)
Y5 5- -12 Y3 (AD8065 out via 15k)
(GND) E# 6- -11 S0 (FX2 PA4)
VEE 7- -10 S1 (FX2 PA5)
GND 8- -9 S2 (FX2 PA6)

Input stage gain:

S2 S1 S0 74HC4051D Mux Gain VDIVs
0 0 0 Y0 to Z (3.9k) 5 (4.9 in fact) 200mV
0 0 1 Y1 to Z (1k) 2 500mV
0 1 0 Y2 to Z (0) 1 1V
0 1 1 Y3 to Z (15k) 16 62.5mV

Microchip 24LC64I pinout:

(VCC) A0 1-   O -8 VCC
(GND) A1 2- -7 WP (GND)
(GND) A2 3- -6 SCL (FX2 SCL)
VSS 4- -5 SDA (FX2 SDA)

Analog Devices AD9288 pinout:

AD9288 pins Description
S1, S2 S1=VCC, S2=GND. "Normal operation, data align disabled".
DFS Tied to GND. Data format select = "offset binary" (not "twos complement").
AINA, AINB Analog input channels.
D0A-D7A Connected to FX2 PB0-PB7.
D0B-D7B Connected to FX2 PD0-PD7.


Note: The firmware is flashed into the device permanently.

EEPROM layout

The device has a 8KB I²C EEPROM with the following layout:

c2 47 05 31 21 00 00 04 XX XX XX XX XX XX .. ..


Bytes Description
0 0xc2: FX2 "c2 load" mode, i.e. VID/PID/DID are loaded from EEPROM as the firmware.
1-2 0x0547: USB vendor ID (VID before firmware renumerate).
3-4 0x2131: USB product ID (PID before firmware renumerate).
5-6 0x0000: USB device ID (DID before firmware renumerate).
7 0x04: FX2 configuration byte (see FX2 TRM for details).
8-1917h Firmware.
1918h -1fffh All-0xff.