Voltcraft VC-96

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Voltcraft VC-96
Voltcraft vc96 mugshot.png
Status supported
Source code serial-dmm
Counts 4000
Connectivity RS232
Measurements voltage, capacitance, continuity, diode, frequency, current,
Features autorange, hold, relative, min-max, hfe, bargraph
Website kappenberg.com

The Voltcraft VC-96 is an 4000 counts handheld, digital multimeter with RS232 (D-sub, DB-25 connector) connectivity.




The device sends always (without request) about 4 telegrams per second with 1200 baud, 8N2 over the LED through the case.

The location of the LED is marked on the back (the little circle above the screw).

The converter originally has a RS232 25pin sub-d and needs an 9VDC power supply, but can be modified with a little TTL serial to USB board.

The handling remains the same except using /dev/ttyUSBx instead of /dev/ttySx.

Example packets:

ACV   0.0 V\r\n
ACV  0.00 V\r\n
DCV    00uV\r\n
DCV   0.0 V\r\n
DCV-  0.1mV\r\n
OHM   OL M<0xEA>\r\n
DIO   OL  V\r\n
BEP   OL K<0xEA>\r\n
DIO   OL  V\r\n
DCA    00uA\r\n
hfe   0.0  \r\n
DCA    02uA\r\n
DCA   0.0mA\r\n
DCA    00mA\r\n
ACA   761mA\r\n
ACA   0.0mA\r\n

The device does not send packets in CAP and in FREQ mode.