Voltcraft DL-161S

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Voltcraft DL-161S
Voltcraft DL-161S.png
Status planned
Connectivity USB
Frequency range 31.5Hz - 8kHz
Measurement range (A) 30dB - 130dB
Accuracy (94dB@1kHz) 1.4dB
Frequency weighting A, C
Time weighting F, S
Standards IEC 61672-1 Class 2
Website Voltcraft

The Voltcraft DL-161S is a sound level meter with USB connectivity.

See Voltcraft DL-161S/Info for more details (such as lsusb -vvv output) about the device.

This is a rebadged CEM DT-173.





The host sends commands and receives responses via a virtual serial port, with USB bulk endpoint 2 as a backend. A command consists of a single byte followed by any arguments to the command.

Command Response Description
0x0c 0xff Calibrate device, 2 bytes payload:
1 Calibration value, as a signed integer between -10 and 10, where 1 represents 0.1 dB
2 Unused (0x00)
0x0e 0xff Configure device
1-2 Length of data to follow, as a little-endian integer.
3 "REC" LED flash interval, in seconds: 0=none, 10, 20, 30.
4 Bitfield representing the following flags:
7 Activation: 0=immediate, 1=manual
6-5 Unused
4 0=store measurements, 1=real-time
3 Frequency weighting: 0=dBC, 1=dBA
2 Time weighting: 0=Slow, 1=Fast
1-0 Unused
5 Sample interval 1-7, representing 50ms, 500ms, 1s, 2s, 5s, 10s, 60s respectively.
6 Last two digits of year, e.g. 0x0d for 2013
7 Month, 1-12
8 Day of month, 1-31
9 Hours
10 Minutes
11 Seconds
12-14 Number of samples to acquire, as a big-endian integer.
15 Alarm low threshold
16 Alarm high threshold
0x0d 0xff Get stored measurement count, 2 bytes payload:
1-2 Always 0x0000?
Response has 3 byte payload, representing the number of bytes used in sample memory as a little-endian integer. Each sample uses two bytes.
0x0f Get stored measurements, 2 bytes payload is offset into buffer (as pages? page size?)
2 Sample rate 1-7, as above.