Velleman WFS210

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Velleman WFS210

The Velleman WFS210 is a claimed to be the first WiFi oscilloscope. It has 2 channels (8bit), and 10MS/s sampling rate per channel.

Some properties and features:

  • Wifi & internal battery for self-contained remote connection to a tablet or PC
  • Charges off USB (mini plug)
  • Supported on IOS, Android 4, Windows
  • Sources for Android build on github
  • Protocol description on manufacturers site

See Velleman WFS210/Info for more details (such as lsusb -v output) about the device.


Note: When taking the device apart, the power button really needs to be removed first / fitted last. Levering the board out without removing the button can damage the switch. Beware!

Control logic

USB interface

  • Onboard the dsPic

Wifi interface

  • Roving Networks (Microchip) RN171-I/RM

Analog frontend

  • 6 x EGE EDR301A0528 reed relays (3 per input channel)
  • 6 x variable capacitors (3 per channel)
  • 4 x variable resistors (2 per channel)
  • 2 x Texas Instruments OPA354 op-amps
  • 1 x Microchip 6404E quad op-amp
  • 1 x Maxim 1192E 8-bit 22MSPS dual A/D converter


  • 1 x 3.7V 1.8Ah lithium battery
  • 1 x 7387 lithium pack charge controller
  • 1 x TJ 42MD7LE regulator


  • 8-pin pack marked 'NXC' near TI opamps



The protocol is publically documented by the vendor.

It is described in terms of frames such as <STX> ... <ETX> as though on a serial stream and doesn't mention TCP ports or USB endpoints.

If connected wirelessly, the device offers an address in the range 169.254.1.x, and appoints itself Port 2000 appears to be the only open port (nmap -p-) and telnet to that port returns the connection greeting '*HELLO*'