Sysclk LWLA1034

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Sysclk LWLA1034
Sysclk lwla1034 mugshot.png
Status supported
Source code sysclk-lwla
Channels 34
Samplerate 125MHz (max)
Samplerate (state) ?
Triggers 34 + extern
Min/max voltage 0-5V
Threshold voltage ?
Memory 256Kbit/channel
Compression RLE

The Sysclk LWLA1034 is a USB-based, 34-channel logic analyzer with up to 125MHz sampling rate.

See Sysclk LWLA1034/Info for more details (such as lsusb -v output) about the device.


  • Altera EP2C5Q208C8N (Cyclone II) FPGA
  • Cypress CY7C68013A-56 (FX2) USB interface chip
  • Cypress 256k×36 SRAM (likely a CY7C1361C-133AXC or similar)
  • STC15F104E 8051-based microcontroller

The not-installed 10-pin connector between the USB socket and the large capacitor seems to connect to the JTAG pins of the FPGA.


(Note: The yellow/greenish markings weren't there, they're added by the photographer)

PCB for another device:


Sysclk lwla1034 software.png


We have received permission from the vendor to distribute the FPGA bitstreams with sigrok. Thus, the bitstreams are now included in the sigrok-firmware module.

  • The FX2 firmware is loaded from an EEPROM on the board, so that the final USB device descriptor is immediately available on power-up.
  • Endpoint 4 is used exclusively for loading a new bitstream into the FPGA.
  • Endpoint 2 is used for sending commands to the FPGA firmware, with responses (if any) coming in from endpoint 6.

Reverse engineering of the vendor's custom protocol has been completed. See Sysclk LWLA1034/Protocol for the documentation.