Rigol MSO5000 Series

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Rigol MSO5000 Series
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Status in progress
Source code rigol-ds
Samplerate up to 8GSa/s
Analog bandwidth 70-350MHz (depending on model)
Vertical resolution 8bits
Triggers edge, pulse, runt, window, nth edge, slope, video, pattern, delay, timeout, duration, setup/hold, protocol (optional: RS232/UART, I²C, SPI, CAN, FlexRay, LIN, I2S, MIL-STD-1553)
Input impedance 1MΩ‖17pF 300V RMS CAT I
Memory 100Mpts (mode/ch-dependent), Option 200Mpts
Display 9" 1024x800
Connectivity USB host/device, ethernet (LXI), HDMI, trigger out, pass/fail out
Features math: +, —, x, /, FFT, A&&B, A
Website rigolna.com

The Rigol MSO5000 Series are 2-/4-channel oscilloscopes with an analog bandwidth of 70-350MHz and up to 8GS/s sampling rate.


Model Analog channels Bandwidth Digital channels
MSO5072 2 70MHz 16
MSO5074 4 70MHz 16
MSO5102 2 100MHz 16
MSO5104 4 100MHz 16
MSO5204 4 200MHz 16
MSO5354 4 350MHz 16


The device uses USBTMC or LXI via its Ethernet port for communication with a host PC. The protocol is based on SCPI commands.


User Manual

Programming Guide

Example use

Depending on your type of connection you have to can either use the USBTMC connection parameter or the VXI connection parameter. Examples:

When connecting over TCP/IP need to specify ip address and port:

 -d rigol-ds:conn=vxi/
 sigrok-cli -d rigol-ds:conn=vxi/ --config data_source=Live -o live.sr -O srzip --frames=1

See Rigol-ds data source for more information on data source.

Digital channels

The MSO500 Series has dedicated memory for digital channels, which is smaller in size than the analog memory. To have the same capturing time, the digital sampling rate is lower than the analog sampling rate.

Note: The support is not in mainline, yet. See | PR#95

Signal generator (option)

The optional signal gnerator can be used with the rigol-dg driver. For usage see Rigol DG800 Series

Suported waveforms

Waveform min frequency max. frequency
Sine 100mHz 25MHz
Square 100mHz 15MHz
Ramp 100mHz 100kHz
Pulse 100mHz 1MHz
Arb 100mHz 10MHz
Noise - -
DC - -
Sinc 100mHz 1MHz
ExpRise 100mHz 1MHz
ExpFall 100mHz 1MHz
ECG 100mHz 1MHz
Gauss 100mHz 1MHz
Lorentz 100mHz 1MHz
Haversin 100mHz 1MHz

Note: Support is not in mainline, yet. See | PR#96