Rigol DS1000 series

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Rigol DS1000 series
Rigol DS1052E.png
Status supported
Source code rigol-ds
Channels 2 analog (all models), 16 digital (D models only)
Samplerate 1GSa/s (1ch), 500MSa/s (2ch)
Samplerate (eq. time) 10GSa/s or 25GSa/s (depending on model)
Analog bandwidth 50-150MHz (depending on model)
Vertical resolution 8bits
Triggers edge, pulse width, slope, video, pattern, continuous time, alternate
Input impedance 1MΩ‖15pF 300V RMS CAT I
Memory 1Mpts (mode/ch-dependent)
Display 5.7" QVGA (320x240), 64K colors
Connectivity USB host/device, RS232, pass/fail out
Features math: + / — / x / FFT, vertical sensitivity: 2mV/div - 10V/div
Website rigolna.com

The Rigol DS1000 series are 50-150MHz, 1GSa/s, 2-channel digital storage oscilloscopes. The 'D' suffixed models also include a 16 channel logic analyzer.

The bandwidth limitations appear to be software-imposed, and devices can be "upgraded" to a model number with a higher bandwidth by changing a firmware setting using undocumented commands in the protocol.

All variants currently appear to have the same USB VID and PID (1ab1:0588).


Model Samplerate Eq. samplerate Bandwidth Analog channels Digital channels
DS1052E 1GSa/s 10GSa/s 50MHz 2 None
DS1052D 1GSa/s 10GSa/s 50MHz 2 16
DS1102E 1GSa/s 25GSa/s 100MHz 2 None
DS1102D 1GSa/s 25GSa/s 100MHz 2 16
DS1152E-EDU 1GSa/s 25GSa/s 150MHz 2 None
DS1152D-EDU 1GSa/s 25GSa/s 150MHz 2 16


All devices in the series support both USBTMC and RS232 connections. The same SCPI protocol is used over both connections. The serial parameters are 8n1, with baud rate from 9600 to 38400 (configurable in Utility/IO Setting menu on the scope).