Rigol DG1000z Series

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Rigol DG1000z Series
Dg1000z series.png
Status supported
Source code rigol-dg
Frequency (sine) 25-60MHz
Frequency (square) 25MHz
Frequency (other) 15-25MHz (pulse), 500-1000KHz (ramp)
Frequency (user) 10-20MHz
Waveforms sine, square, ramp, pulse, harmonic, noise, arbitrary waveform
Waveform memory 2-8Mpts (16Mpts option)
Modulation AM, FM, PM, DSB-AM, FSK, ASK, PWM
Connectivity USBTMC, LAN
Website rigolna.com

Rigol DG1000Z Series Arbitrary Waveform Generators are 2 channel, 25-60MHz signal generators with up to 16Mpts waveform memory.


Hardware on all these models is identical, only difference is in software/firmware.

Model Channels Max Frequency (Sine) Max Frequency (Square) Arbitrary Waveform Length Frequency Counter
DG1022Z 2 25 MHz 25 MHz 2 Mpts * Y
DG1032Z 2 30 MHz 25 MHz 8 Mpts * Y
DG1062Z 2 60 MHz 25 MHz 8 Mpts * Y
  • ) 16 Mpts waveform memory is (software) option.









Example use

Depending on your type of connection you have to can either use the USBTMC connection parameter or the TCP/IP connection parameter. Examples:

 -d rigol-dg

(usually no parameters are needed when connecting via USB)

When connecting over TCP/IP need to specify ip address and port:

 -d rigol-dg:conn=tcp-raw/

Check the capabilities of the meter's driver, and current state of settings:

 $ sigrok-cli -d rigol-dg --show

Check the capabilities specific to a channel (1 or 2):

 $ sigrok-cli -d rigol-dg -g 1 --show

Enable or disable channel output (first channel):

 $ sigrok-cli -d rigol-dg -g 1 --set --config enabled=true
 $ sigrok-cli -d rigol-dg -g 1 --set --config enabled=false

Get or set the waveform function (second channel):

 $ sigrok-cli -d rigol-dg -g 2 --get pattern
 $ sigrok-cli -d rigol-dg -g 2 --set --config pattern=square

Get or set the output signal frequency:

 $ sigrok-cli -d rigol-dg -g 1 --get output_frequency
 $ sigrok-cli -d rigol-dg -g 1 --set --config output_frequency=20000

Get or set the output signal amplitude:

 $ sigrok-cli -d rigol-dg -g 1 --get amplitude
 $ sigrok-cli -d rigol-dg -g 1 --set --config amplitude=3.3

Get or set the output signal offset:

 $ sigrok-cli -d rigol-dg -g 1 --get offset
 $ sigrok-cli -d rigol-dg -g 1 --set --config offset=1.0

Get or set the output signal phase:

 $ sigrok-cli -d rigol-dg -g 1 --get phase
 $ sigrok-cli -d rigol-dg -g 1 --set --config phase=90.0

Get or set the output signal duty cycle:

 $ sigrok-cli -d rigol-dg -g 1 --get output_duty_cycle
 $ sigrok-cli -d rigol-dg -g 1 --set --config output_duty_cycle=25.0

Acquire measurement data (frequency counter output):

 $ sigrok-cli -d rigol-dg --continuous
 $ sigrok-cli -d rigol-dg --time 10s
 $ sigrok-cli -d rigol-dg --samples 10