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Wii nunchuk device.jpg
Name Nintendo Wii Nunchuk
Description Nintendo Wii Nunchuk controller
Status supported
License GPLv2+
Source code decoders/nunchuk
Input i2c
Output nunchuk
Optional probes

The nunchuk protocol decoder supports the Nintendo Wii Nunchuk protocol.


Wii Nunchuk via Buspirate v4

The i2c/wii_nunchuk directory in sigrok-dumps contains a set of example captures of I2C traffic from/to a Nintendo Wii Nunchuk game controller.

The logic analyzer used was a Saleae Logic (at 1MHz). It is probing the Wii Nunchuk that is connected to a Dangerous Prototypes Buspirate (v4) that is used as I²C master to talk to the Nunchuk controller.

Probe setup:

Probe I²C pin
3 (red) SCL
7 (blue) SDA



The protocol is layered on top of I²C. See for a detailed description of the commands and registers.