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Name FlexRay
Description Automotive network communications protocol.
Status supported
License GPLv2+
Source code decoders/flexray
Input logic
Probes A, B
Optional probes
Options channel_type, bitrate

Please note: This page is a work in progress, more to come.

The flexray protocol decoder can decode the FlexRay signal from a TTL level FlexRay transceiver (e.g. NXP TJA1080).

FlexRay is a fast, deterministic and fault-tolerant fieldbus system which is used in cars in high security related areas like X-by-Wire.

It is the result of the FlexRay consortium which consisted of BMW, Daimler, Motorola (today Freescale) and Philips, with the goal of working out a common standard automotive bus system.

This decoder assumes that at least one channel of a logic level RX line of a transceiver is sampled.