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Description A multi-drop multi-master differential CAN-like bus
Status 100%
License GPLv3+
Source code decoders/
Input iebus
Optional probes ?

The avclan protocol decoder handles decoding IEBus frames which are used in the multimedia control AVC-LAN protcol. It handles communications between Audio Head Units, CD Changers, Amplifiers, Switches, Navigation and so on.


The decoder matches hardware addresses to their known device names as well as device functions (aka. Logical Addresses) to known names. It also decodes frame contents for some devices such as CD-Player, Radio Tuner, CD Changer and so on.

Usage with Pulseview

An example session with Pulseview can be shown below:


Usage with sigrok-cli

➜  avclan git:(avclan-dumps) ✗ sigrok-cli -i -P iebus:bus=D0,avclan -A iebus=fields,avclan=devices:control:cmd:cd:audio:radio
iebus-1: Broadcast
iebus-1: Master: 0x190
avclan-1: AUDIO_HU2
iebus-1: Slave: 0x1ff
avclan-1: GROUP_AUDIO
iebus-1: Control: WRITE_DATA
iebus-1: Data Length: 11
iebus-1: Data: 0x62
iebus-1: Data: 0x31
iebus-1: Data: 0xf1
iebus-1: Data: 0x01
iebus-1: Data: 0x10
iebus-1: Data: 0x01
iebus-1: Data: 0x02
iebus-1: Data: 0x03
iebus-1: Data: 0x15
iebus-1: Data: 0x00
iebus-1: Data: 0x80
avclan-1: From Function: CD
avclan-1: To Function
avclan-1: State: CDStateCodes.PLAYBACK
avclan-1: CD #1
avclan-1: Track #2
avclan-1: Time: 03:15
avclan-1: Flags: CDFlags.0
avclan-1: Opcode: REPORT_PLAYBACK
➜  avclan git:(avclan-dumps) ✗ 


Available proof-of-concept implementations of IEBus and AVC-LAN protocols: