Peaktech 2165

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Peaktech 2165
Status supported
Source code serial-lcr
Counts 20000
IEC 61010-1
Connectivity USB, RS232
Measurements resistance, capacitance, inductance
Features autorange, relative, auto-poweroff, min-max, tolerance

The Peaktech 2165 is an LCR meter with USB connectivity. It is a 4.5 digits (20000 count) LCR meter with 0.5% basic accuracy (resistance) that can measure at 120Hz and 1kHz, and comes with USB connectivity (serial protocol). It is a Voltcraft 4080 lookalike.

See Peaktech_2165/Info for USB details.


LCR meter:

  • TI TLC7135C ADC, 4 1/2 digits, 1Ksa/s
  • TI MSP430 MCU
  • several discrete TI components

USB to IR cable:

  • FT232R, regular serial port, bidirectional (RX and TX LED)


TODO Images above are named "vc4080" but actually are p2165. Rename them to avoid confusion.


Serial communication runs at 1200/7e1, uses ASCII characters and is basically human readable.

Serial packets consist of 39 ASCII characters that end in the CR-LF termination, contain a lot of single character flags, as well as multiple multi-character fields for the primary and secondary displays.

The description of the commands you find at Conrad. The PeakTech 2165 user manual has another description, represented differently.

See Voltcraft 4080 for a few more details.