Owon XDM2041

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Owon XDM2041
Owon XDM2041.JPG
Status in progress
Source code scpi-dmm
Counts 55000
IEC 61010-1 CAT I (1000V) / CAT II (600V)
Connectivity RS232
Measurements voltage, current, resistance, capacitance, diode, frequency, continuity, temperature
Features autorange, true RMS, data hold, min/max/avg, relative, four-wire resistance, dual display, record
Website owon.com.hk

The Owon XDM2041 is a 55000 count (4.5 digits), 0.025% accuracy, 65 readings/s benchtop digital multimeter with RS232 connectivity.

Also sold rebranded as PeakTech 4095.


Protocol is SCPI over RS232. Manufacturer manual is available here: Programming manual for XDM2041 Digital Multimeter.


  • The XDM2041 does not support *OPC? command, which SCPI standard specifies should report whether operation is complete.
  • The programming manual does not specify how to run / stop measurement.
  • The programming manual does not specify how to retrieve recorded data or how to configure one.

There is Windows software available that could be used to check whether there are extra commands.


There is reverse-engineered information available on the Owon XDM2041 hardware .