Meilhaus Logian-16L

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Meilhaus Logian-16L
Meilhaus logian 16l mugshot.png
Status supported
Source code zeroplus-logic-cube
Channels 16
Samplerate 200MHz
Samplerate (state) 100MHz
Triggers pattern, edge
Min/max voltage -6V — +6V
Memory 128kBits/channel
Compression yes

The Meilhaus Logian-16L is a USB-based, 16-channel logic analyzer with up to 200MHz samplerate.

See Meilhaus Logian-16L/Info for some more details (such as lsusb -v output) on the device.

See ZEROPLUS Logic Cube LAP-C series for information common to all devices in this series.


Note: According to a vendor software screenshot, the Logian-16L has 128kBit memory per channel (conflicts with some docs on the Internet, though, which state it has 64kBit/channel).