Kingst LA5032

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Kingst LA5032
Status supported
Source code kingst-la2016
Channels 32
Samplerate 500MHz max.
Samplerate (state)
Triggers Level, Edge
Min/max voltage -50V — +50V tolerant
Threshold voltage -4.0V — +4.0V, min step 0.01V
Memory 4Gib RAM (512MiB)
Compression Yes

The Kingst LA5032 is a USB-based, 32-channel logic analyser with 500MHz maximum sampling rate and 512MiB sample memory. It is part of the Kingst LA Series and is supported by the kingst-la2016 sigrok driver.

The USB identification is shared among Kingst LA devices. See Kingst LA2016, the same VID:PID and the same USB endpoints are used.


  • Cypress FX2 MCU (assumed, label has been removed)
  • AT24C02 EEPROM
  • FPGA below heatsink, assumed to be Cyclone IV FPGA (Altera/Intel)
  • U10 authentication device
  • 2x 2Gib DRAM chips
  • a bunch of regulators
  • opamp for input threshold control
  • input protection



See the Kingst LA Series page, all devices communicate to the host in identical ways.


Device firmware must be extracted from vendor software before sigrok use. See Kingst LA Series for details.