Gembird silvershield

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Gembird Silvershield
Status planned
Channels up to 4
Ratings 230V 10A
Connectivity USB HID

The Gembird Silvershield PM (also referred to as SIS-PM) is a USB controlled power outlet with surge protection, up to 4 of the outlets are USB controlled. The firmware presents itself as USB HID to the PC (so that no driver installation is required on Windows).

See Info for USB details.



  • Cypress CY7C63723 controller, USB1 low speed
  • 6MHz crystal
  • 24c02 EEPROM (device supports schedules)
  • 7805 regulator, diodes for alternative USB or barrel jack supply
  • discrete relay controlling transistors, flyback diodes, opto couplers (4N35) per relay, indicators