DreamSourceLab DSLogic

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DreamSourceLab DSLogic
Status supported
Source code dreamsourcelab-dslogic
Channels 1-16
Samplerate 400MHz(4ch), 200MHz(8ch), 100MHz(16ch)
Samplerate (state) 50MHz
Triggers high, low, rising, falling, edge, multi-stage triggers
Min/max voltage -0.6V — 6V
Threshold voltage configurable: 3.3V, 5V
Memory 32MByte (2MByte/ch)
Compression no
Price range $60 - $70
Website dreamsourcelab.com

The DreamSourceLab DSLogic is a 16-channel USB-based logic analyzer, with sampling rates up to 400MHz (when using only 4 channels).

See DreamSourceLab DSLogic/Info for more details (such as lsusb -v output) about the device.




In order to use this device with libsigrok the vendor firmare and bitstream files (v0.97) are required.

Installing firmware files via a bash script

The easiest method to install those is to use the sigrok-fwextract-dreamsourcelab-dslogic script. It will download the correct files, rename them to the correct filenames as expected by libsigrok and install them.

Example usage:

$ PREFIX=$HOME/sr ./sigrok-fwextract-dreamsourcelab-dslogic

This will install the files into $HOME/sr/share/sigrok-fimware. Without PREFIX, the files will be installed into /usr/local/share/sigrok-firmware by default.

Installing firmware files manually

If you want to avoid using the script, you can manually download and rename the files as follows:

Downloaded file Rename to MD5 sum
DSLogic50.bin dreamsourcelab-dslogic-fpga-5v.fw c3735b82e8b2b8310bec9c2c05ea8b47
DSLogic33.bin dreamsourcelab-dslogic-fpga-3v3.fw 1599ee538d3ff99ddc014b0243cbf60d
DSLogic.fw dreamsourcelab-dslogic-fx2.fw 80db51aabc377cb215df2f213621355f
DSCope.bin dreamsourcelab-dscope-fpga.fw 80a64ccd9ce8ee71a7165a27dbb30ede
DSCope.fw dreamsourcelab-dscope-fx2.fw 4a2ab71e1ef726e2e65019f9d42a6e50
DSLogic Pro
DSLogicPro.bin dreamsourcelab-dslogic-pro-fpga.fw 1adf30ff49522cf6944e67b19a8736ed
DSLogicPro.fw dreamsourcelab-dslogic-pro-fx2.fw 0555bf649719d11e714f159f2fdc5a57
DSLogic Plus
DSLogicPlus.bin dreamsourcelab-dslogic-plus-fpga.fw 0ebc84bf40cf1f9c60998794bc3dba1f
DSLogicPlus.fw dreamsourcelab-dslogic-plus-fx2.fw 6f1805fcb5040498ae1b522a7defae5d
DSLogic Basic
DSLogicBasic.bin dreamsourcelab-dslogic-basic-fpga.fw 3d19924ab211967c2496681fce9e17ed
DSLogicBasic.fw dreamsourcelab-dslogic-basic-fx2.fw ab6f5788ce7228ab26933a3cda7abc7b

You have to place the files into the sigrok-firmware sub-directory of where-ever you installed sigrok-cli or PulseView.

Example run

After firmware is correctly installed, you can see if it's worked like this:

sigrok-cli --driver=dreamsourcelab-dslogic -l 5 --scan

You should see the driver detected and uploading the firmware

sr: [00:00.014417] resource: Opened '/usr/local/share/sigrok-firmware/dreamsourcelab-dslogic-basic-fx2.fw'.
sr: [00:00.014454] ezusb: Uploading firmware 'dreamsourcelab-dslogic-basic-fx2.fw'.
sr: [00:00.014972] ezusb: Uploaded 4096 bytes.
sr: [00:00.015481] ezusb: Uploaded 4024 bytes.
sr: [00:00.015492] ezusb: Firmware upload done.
sr: [00:00.015497] ezusb: setting CPU reset mode off...
sr: [00:00.015606] hwdriver: Scan found 1 devices (dreamsourcelab-dslogic).
The following devices were found:
dreamsourcelab-dslogic - DreamSourceLab DSLogic Basic with 16 channels: 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15
sr: [00:00.015691] hwdriver: Cleaning up all drivers.


Use --show to fetch the current available options

sigrok-cli --driver=dreamsourcelab-dslogic --show

This example shows how to use sigrok-cli to capture 1k samples at 500khz on channels 0 and 1, with voltage threshold of 2.5v

sigrok-cli -C 0,1 --driver=dreamsourcelab-dslogic  -c "samplerate=500k:voltage_threshold=2.5-2.5" --samples 1k

This example shows continuous capture (requires the device config to include 'continuous=on')

sigrok-cli -c "samplerate=10k:voltage_threshold=2.5-2.5:continuous=on" --driver=dreamsourcelab-dslogic --continuous