Delta Elektronika SM3300 series

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Delta Elektronika SM3300 series
Status planned
Channels 1
Voltage/current (CH1) varies
Connectivity SCPI over TCP/IP, USB, RS232, RS485 or RS422
Features programmable presets, values, output, measurement, power-sink option

The Delta-Elektronika SM3300 series devices are high-precision PSUs (19" 2 HE rack or table modules).

The device name depends on output voltage range. Power-sink is available as option.

Serial communication is via SCPI protocol and TCP/IP, USB, RS232, RS485 or RS422 interface. USB, RS232, RS485 and RS422 require an additional INT MOD SER interface module.


Model Voltage Current Max power
SM 18-220 0-18V 0-220A 3300W
SM 66-AR-110 0-33V / 0-66V 0-110A / 0-55A 3300W
SM 100-AR-75 0-50V / 0-100V 0-75A / 0-37.5A 3300W
SM 330-AR-22 0-165V / 0-330V 0-22A / 0-11A 3300W
SM 660-AR-11 0-330V / 0-660V 0-11A / 0-5.5A 3300W



Protocol is via SCPI standard commands, see Programming Manual SM3300. Configuration of serial interfaces is via a Web-interface and TCP/IP.


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