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Status supported
Source code beaglelogic
Channels 12/max 14
Samplerate 100MHz max (programmable to 100/n MHz)
Samplerate (state)
Triggers none (SW-only)
Min/max voltage -0.5V — 5.25V
Threshold voltage Fixed: VIH=2.0V—5.25V, VIL=-0.5V—0.8V
Memory up to 320 MB
Compression none
Website BeagleLogic

BeagleLogic turns a BeagleBone Black into a powerful 14-channel 100Msps Logic Analyzer. It supports up to 320 MB of sample buffer (320 MSamples for <= 8 channels, 160 Msamples for > 8 channels) out of the 512 MB RAM on board (this can be adjusted dynamically).

Since the BeagleBone runs Linux, the entire set of sigrok suite can be compiled to run off the BeagleBone Black, and the included driver is intended for this purpose (capture and analyze on the BeagleBone Black itself).

A remote driver (for controlling/acquiring from a BeagleLogic connected to a PC) is to be proposed.


BeagleLogic runs off a BeagleBone Black. A BeagleBone white may also be usable but with a lower sample buffer (as it has only 256 MB RAM).

A cape has been designed using a 74LVCH16T245 logic buffer in order to buffer the signals going into the BeagleBone Black. Since the buffer inputs are 5V tolerant it can also be used for debugging 5V logic circuits (the I/Os on the BeagleBone Black are not 5V tolerant).


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