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Name Saleae Logic export files
Status supported
Source code (in) saleae.c
Common extension(s) .bin
MIME type
ASCII format no
Compression optional (every sample, or when changed)
Website Saleae FAQ

Saleae's Logic application can export captures in different formats. CSV and VCD are supported by other input modules. The input/saleae input module handles binary exports for digital and analog data.

Notice that neither .logicdata nor .sal file formats are covered by the sigrok input/saleae support code. Because their format is unknown or undocumented.


See the vendor's technical FAQ in the #Resources section for details.

  • The .logicdata format is "underdocumented". Vendor software cannot load the native format of older versions of the vendor software. Recommends to install old and new versions side by side instead.
  • The .bin file exports for vendor software versions 1 and 2 are documented. Some file format versions lack meta information so that users need to specify the missing details upon import.
  • The .sal file format is officially not documented. By design, to not commit to one format, and to not break external applications when internals happen to change.

The sigrok input module supports those formats and features which are documented and understood. Other features or formats can only get added after essential information on their operation becomes available.

Support for the .sal format additionally depends on the "internal file I/O" feature for input modules. Which currently is lacking in sigrok mainline.


The sigrok input module for Saleae exports provides the following options. User specs are required where file content lacks necessary information.

 $ sigrok-cli -I saleae --show 
 ID: saleae
 Name: Saleae
 Description: Saleae Logic software export files
   format: Type of input file format. Not all types can get auto-detected. (default 'auto-detect', possible values 'auto-detect', 'logic1-digital', 'logic1-analog', 'logic2-digital', 'logic2-analog')
   changed: Sample value was saved when changed (in contrast to: every sample). (default false)
   wordsize: The number of bits per set of samples for digital data. (default 8, possible values 8, 16, 32, 64)
   logic_channels: The number of digital channels. Word size is used when not specified. (default 0)
   samplerate: The samplerate. Needed when the file content lacks this information. (default 0)

The .logicdata and the .sal file formats are not documented, and currently are not supported.